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    Spot the possible optimisation

    I dont know if anyone remembers, but last year about may/june time, i was working on a micromouse. things didn't go so well at the competition, but i have been having another go and things are looking much better now in the fact that my mouse now works! The main issue with it now is that it...
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    Graphic LCD Code

    after getting over the previous problem i was having with not knowing the power requirements of my new graphic LCD, I have run into another slight hixk, and i was wondering if anyone would be able to offer any advice. Firstly the data sheet for the LCD can be found at...
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    Graphic LCD power

    I have got a few 122x36 pixel LCD's from ebay, and i have been trying to work out what i need to do with the Vlcd pin which is the power fot the LCD. I do not know if there is a way of telling if there is a built in inverter (charge pump) or if it needs to be supplied with -5 volts? here is a...
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    Odd timer problem

    Hello All, I have been making a binary clock which has been all fine and dandy up until now. I have just finished it, but a problem developed after about 5 minutes of use, which will not go away now. The clock should wait for the time to increment by 1 minute before making any changes. What...
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    new program editor and possible bugs

    other than the bug relating to the let pins=, does anyone know of any bugs with the new 5.1.3 version of program editor? i have a program which works fine, until a part which does not even get called is extended. then the servos dont work properly any more, as in one of them will, but the other...
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    downloading to an x1 at 16mhz

    is it actually possible to download to a x1 at 16mhz??? I have been investigating and it would seem that it isnt, because there is no way of telling program editor that it is working at 16mhz. but there is an option for all of the other chips like the 08m ect. is this due to it defaulting to...
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    AXE027, new program editor, something not quite right

    Ok, im getting a little stressed now... I left my serial cable and pc at home, but i am using my laptop and the latest program editor to try and get my mouse working. Now, there was nothing wrong with the hardware and it was working fine before the download, running a program that I had...
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    i2c stop bits

    Just a quick question: Does the picaxe xhip create a stop bit after the data has been sent over i2c to an EEPROM such as the 24lc256? Ben  
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    More on t' 40x1 Micromouse

    Just a little update about my mouse: its 17 days untill the competition and there is still alot of programming to be done, mainly the flood fill alogorithm. But i have already come along way with the project. I have put some videos of what it can do as of the other day on you tube. you can see...
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    @ptrinc cannot be a destination variable

    previously i have been using a prgram that uses the scratch pad to store some variables so an average can be achieved. this has never been a problem, untill i updated program editior to 5.1.2 this morning. now i cannot asign variables if i use @ptrinc, but i can to @ptr. the error message is as...
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    Infra red comm's

    just been looking through the manuels, and I must say i am quite disapointed that i cannot change the device id for the infrain(2) command. i want to have a series of small robots which will be able to respond to the channel being changed on the tv ect, but i also want them to be able to talk to...
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    x1 surface mount?

    technical... Will the new x1 parts be avaliable in surface mount at some point in the near future? Ben  
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    40x1 based micro mouse

    hello all, got a few pics and some information about my micromouse i have been working on and asking questions about on here for the last few weeks. thought i owed you all a little look at it. i will try and keep the site reguarly updated.... for the pictures, there is a link in the left hand...
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    servo question

    on my micro mouse i have two servo's, one for each wheel, in the configuration i have them at the moment i have them when giving both of them a 100 ms pulse, one will got foward, and one will go back. this is all fine, but i need to be able to have a proportional speed control when getting...
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    bit banged spi slave

    Hello all, i am attempting to creat a micro mouse at the moment, and i am using 08M slaves to drive some servo motors, and hopefully a 40X1 or 2 and the main processor. I have seen that when using the servo command it is not possible to use serin or pulsin. this makes it quite difficult to get...