AXE027, new program editor, something not quite right


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Ok, im getting a little stressed now...
I left my serial cable and pc at home, but i am using my laptop and the latest program editor to try and get my mouse working.

Now, there was nothing wrong with the hardware and it was working fine before the download, running a program that I had downloaded with the 5.1.2 version of the software with the standard download cable.

Certain things seem to work fine, but the LCD has just stopped responding, but does display a japanese character set as if it has not been initialised correctly.

Does anybody have the previous 5.1.2 version of program editor (patch or full version) which they wouldnt mind emailing to me to see if the problem is the software, or this new usb lead im using.

Thanks very much,

I have just been doing some more testing and the mouse works fine in the maze, it is just the LCD that refuses to do anything, using hippys LCD subs that were working fine untill the changes.

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The Programming Editor verifies the program received by the PICAXE was as sent and gives an error if that hasn't worked. Given the downloaded program seems to work perfectly well other than the LCD problem, it sounds to me like an LCD interface problem rather than a Programming Editor problem. If you are seeing Japanese characters, then I'd say the LCD had initialised to some extent.

You can verify download/comms is working by downloading a simple SERTXD loop and view the results in the Programming Editor Terminal.

Which PICAXE are you using and what firmware version ?


From your 17th June post it looks like you could be using a 40X1.

If so, and it's Firmware A.0, then this may be your problem -;forum_id=31 ( <A href=';forum_id=31' Target=_Blank>External Web Link</a> )

That could explain LCD problems if your code uses 'pins='.

You shouldn't need a full 5.X.Y Programming Editor emailing to you, just the following files from an earlier version ...

C:\Program Files\Programming Editor\Compiler\Axe28X1*.exe

Alternatively change all your 'pins=whatever' commands to ...<code><pre><font size=2 face='Courier'>pins = <i>whatever </i> ^ $80 </font></pre></code>

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thanks alot mate, your experiance had been of great help in many ways throughout this project!


(it works!! :) )