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    FTDI USB problem

    I've come across an interesting and confusing problem. I am using an FTDI based USB to Serial converter board. When plugged in, Window's acknowledges it as COM6. The Program Editor (latest version) does not "see" it and even after a Refresh, it still does not appear on the list of COM ports. I...
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    Update Programming Editor Example Files

    Technical, The Programming Editor Example Files need some serious updating. Many of of the older files generate a syntax error when using the latest version of the PE. For example, the led_test.bas program use "Loop" as a label. Since "Loop" is now a BASIC command. a syntax error is generated...
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    DIPTRACE Breadboard

    Here is an early test using DIPTRACE to layout a circuit on a Gadget Gangster "half-board" prototyping board. This can also be used for a breadboard. Myc
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    Internal pull ups

    Hippy, Will you give a brief explanation of the internal pull up resistors inside a PICAXE. The question is whether they can be used instead of external pullups on inputs with switches. Myc
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    From a discussion about using DIPTRACE with a stripboard editor. Myc: DIPTRACE doesn't have any strip board design tools -- directly. I've been playing with DIPTRACE and stripboards lately. With a little creativity, You can set up a 0.1" grid and layout a stripboard, or you can export a...
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    PICAXE 28 "Shield"

    As a user of both PICAXE and Arduino micros, one of the things I like about the Arduino system is the "shields". The shields are stackable add-on boards for the basic Arduino. Shields come in many flavors, containing simple prototyping areas to motor drivers to Xbee modules. The shields...
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    Free DIPTRACE Upgrade!

    The folks at DIPTRACE are offering a free upgrade to PICAXE forum members. This is not offered on their website. Previously, the full function, free, non-commercial version, that we've all been using, will do 2 layer boards of any size and up to 250 pins. The new upgrade will do 2 layers and...
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    Picaxe 20x2

    The specs on the PICAXE 20X2 have now been released, the chip will be available shortly. A quick browse through the updated manuals show some very interesting and exciting new built in functions for the 20X2. 64 mHz operation without a crystal A built in comparator A background timer A SR...
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    DIPTRACE Update includes PICAXE Parts

    For those PICAXErs using DIPTRACE to create schematics and pcbs, DIPTRACE PCB has just published an upgrade to version 2.0 This upgrade includes 8000+ new parts including all the PICAXE chips. Even some that are not yet available yet. :) Attached is a pdf of the schematic symbols. Myc
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    Epoch time
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    Forum statistics

    For the week 11/10/08 to 11/17/08: Total posts* = 574 Top Four posters BeanieBots--63 Westaus55--49 Boriz--31 Hippy--26 Total--169 29% of posts by the top 4 *Total posts is the sum of the posts in the Main PICAXE forum
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    Good PICAXE Robot site

    I've been watching the Let's make robots site for a while now. It has turned into a very good source of practical PICAXE information and robots. Definitely worth a look. To paraphrase a holiday quote: Yes Virginia, there is a world of PICAXE outside this forum. Myc
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    Servo as a Position Sensor

    I came across this recently. It's actually kind of obvious, but I have never seen it mentioned. By tapping into the internal wiper in a servo, you can use it as a position sensor. Not PICAXE based, but easily PICAXE-able. Myc
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    Commodore Serial bus

    I was cleaning out my cellar recently and came across a number of old Commodore 64 peripherals, printer, plotter, etc. These were all connected to the C64 on a serial bus. It would be fun to re-use some of these with a PICAXE project. Has anyone done any work with the Commodore Serial Bus? The...
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    Asus Eee PC

    My wife bought herself an ASUS Eee PC last weekend. They were on sale at TARGET FOR $300. I was pretty impressed with it. The screen size good and the readablity is great. At 2 lbs, it is very portable and the small footprint makes it great for the electronic bench. It is actually more...