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    AXE027 driver error

    i tried the manual installation of the driver but when windows try to install it a window pop up reporting an error. i attack it here, it is in italian but i try to translate it: AN ERROR OCCURED DURING INSTALLATION OF DRIVERS OF A DEVICE Device drivers was found, but an error happened during...
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    AXE027 driver error

    hello i'm using axe027 regulary, no problem at all until yesterday.. i plugged the cable to continue working on a project i started some week ago but i experienced problems, looks like that AXE027 cable is not recognized. i opened device manager and there is a yellow triangle with an exclamation...
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    smd picaxe 40x2 do not accept program

    Hello people, Need serious help here :( i built a project with a dip picaxe 40x2 on breadboard and all was working correctly. So maked the pcb and used a picaxe 40x2 smd (5v version) When i uploaded the program i had an error like bad connection on transer cable /interface The interface is...
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    help please

    hi all, i've a little question anyone know about a "depressure sensor"? i need a very simple sensor that should act like a switch, it should close when pressure is negative and open if pressure is 0 or more any help? thank you! :)
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    spi & i2c interfaces

    i've 3 devices: two i2c and the third spi... how can i use them together with the same picaxe? is it possible? thank you
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    oscillators for 28x2 and 40x2

    hy guys, can i use this kind of quartz as oscillators for picaxe 28x2 or picaxe 40x2? how should i connect them to the picaxe, do i need extra...
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    interrupt on port C

    hi to all, i've problem setting an interrupt on pin5 of portc. i use a picaxe 28x2 the command: SETINT %00100000,%00100000, PORTC doesn't work.... any help? thanks
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    going mad with the clock

    Hi i've an axe091 development board fitted with a picaxe 28x2 and a ds1307 clock tried with this code nothing happen do hi2csetup i2cmaster, %11010000, i2cslow_8, i2cbyte hi2cin 0,(b0,b1,b2,b3,b4,b5,b6) debug b0 loop i tried with i2cslow and i2cslow_8 but no changes what i'm doing wrong? i...
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    lcd 20x4 in 8bit mode

    please help! i need help to initialize an HD44780 complatible lcd to work in 8 bit mode i used a picaxe 28 x2 with port b connected to the data bus of lcd and pin C.7 connected to pin E and C.6 connected to RS pin i give all the standard initializing commands except for the $32 command, the...
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    strange behavior... a bug?

    hi with 8 leds connected to the port B of a picaxe 28x2 i obitain a strange behavior.. look at this piece of code: #slot 0 #no_data #no_table dirsb = %11111111 do readadc 0,b0 debug b0 b0=b0/32 max 8 b2=1 if b0=0 then b2=1 goto last endif for b1=1 to b0 b2=b2*2 next last: pinsb=b2...