AXE027 driver error

hello i'm using axe027 regulary, no problem at all until yesterday..
i plugged the cable to continue working on a project i started some week ago but i experienced problems,
looks like that AXE027 cable is not recognized.
i opened device manager and there is a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark
if i click on it a window pop up telling me of some problems about driver digital signature missing or wrong.
from the last time i successfully used axe027 to yesterday window 7 made an update.
i have windows 7 version 6.1 build 7601 service pack 1
i need the cable how can i fix it please?
i tried the manual installation of the driver but when windows try to install it a window pop up reporting an error. i attack it here, it is in italian but i try to translate it:
Device drivers was found, but an error happened during installation
Impossible to verify digital signature of the driver required by the device. it is possible that during a recent hardware or software change was installed a damaged file, with wrong signature or malware from unknown source.(CODE 52)
If you know the producer of the device, it is possible to visit corresponding web site and consult support section about device drivers.

sorry for my bad english.
thanks again


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Not sure why it would have stopped working. If a Windows upgrade has somehow turned on an option to only accept devices which have a signed driver that might explain it. That should be possible to turn off which should allow the AXE027 driver to be installed and used though I cannot recall where not find it at present.

My Windows 7 system is kept up to date and I have not noticed any problems with my AXE027.


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thanks, but isn't axe027 windows 7 driver signed?
No, at least not signed in a way which means Windows will automatically install it.

Normally one will get "This is not signed; are you sure?" type prompts, but the option can be set to "Always allow unsigned drivers", "Prompt to confirm", or "Never allow unsigned drivers", or something like that. The defaults may vary between OS versions.
hello i found that option using gpedit.msc, was a pain but i was able to set "Always allow unsigned drivers".
now when try to install the same windows pop up but instead of "signature problem" it says that can't be installed because of "missing file".
it doesn't tell me what file is missing unfortunately..
any clues?


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Two important things to ensure for manual installation are -

1) That the driver files must be extracted from the downloaded .zip to a separate directory on disk. If not the files may appear to be seen by Windows Explorer but not by Device Manager.

2) When pointing Device Manager to the extracted directory, the top level directory must be selected; the one containing the 'amd64' and 'i386' sub-directories.

Also note that the installation is a two-step process as two drivers must be installed. If the second step is not completed then there will be issues in accessing the installed AXE027 cable. After installing the first driver look for any new exclamation marked devices.