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    Simulating TOUCH Commands?

    Is it possible to use the TOUCH and/or TOUCH16 commands in the PE simulator? If so, how? Thank you for a reply.
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    AXE033 documentation error

    In the documentation for the AXE033: "To set the correct time after the circuit is first powered up, the current time must be written to the DS1307 registers. The following example PICAXE program will setup the time to 11:59:00 on Thursday 25/12/03.This is carried out by loading the registers...
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    AXE133Y OLED Display Command Set

    I am switching from a Parallax serial LCD to the AXE133Y OLED display as a part of my instructional program. Not satisfied with the existing documentation for this display, I created a complete command set to assist my students. I am posting this document for others to use: Enjoy! :)
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    Freeing up COM ports

    I am using PE version 5.5.6. on a WinXP Pro SP3 PC. In the Options menu, Serial port, there are devices (such as, COM 4 Belkin Serial on USB port) assigned to various COM ports that have not been used for months. Is is possible to clear out these old assignments to free up the COM ports...
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    AXE027 UART flow control?

    Technical, Does the AXE027 USB to serial cable employ any handshaking flow control? My question comes from the fact that the AXE027 schematic diagram shows the FTDI FT232RQ chip with pins 8 and 32 tied together. This connects RTS (request to send) to CTS (clear to send) and would suggest flow...
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    Absolute lowest power

    What code and hardware will put a PICAXE 08M2 into a state of absolute lowest power (that is, current) after completing program execution? I am using a 3 volt supply, DISABLEBOD, 31k clock, and 47K ohm pull-downs on all unused inputs. According to the manual, at the end of my program, using...
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    PICAXE 08M2 is PIC?

    I would like to know from what Microchip PIC is the new PICAXE 08M2 is based. Thank you for a reply.
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    PE Download

    My experience in attempting to download the latest version (5.3.6) of the PE is that the download data rate is less than 20 KB/sec. Consequently, the total time to download the program is greater than one hour. This seems like an unusually slow connect speed on the part of your fileserver...
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    18M2 and keyin

    The PICAXE -18M2 information document (picaxem2.pmd) states that the 18M2 is FULLY backwards compatible with all existing 18 pin PICAXE programs written for older 18 pin PICAXE parts. I am quoting here from the document. But, it appears that the PC keyboard commands, keyin or kbin are NOT...
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    Version 5.3.5?

    Where is this version available? The most current patch indicates in the readme and revision history that the patch upgrades to version 5.3.4. Thanks for a reply.
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    Programming Baud Rate

    When a PICAXE-08M is being programmed, what is the default baud rate for the serial communication link?
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    Simulate KEYIN

    Can the operation of the KEYIN command be observed in simulate mode? I have tried with no luck so far. Thanks for the help.
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    Using a PICAXE 08M, when unused I/O pins are not defined in code as either input or output, what is their default condition?
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    Follow up to BAS800

    Now, having thoroughly read the doumentation for the BAS800, here is what I found: When inserting the 14pin PIC, pin 1 should be in the 8 pin - pin 1 position, which will be towards the middle of the 40 pin ZIF socket (position 10). Make sure this is very carefully aligned (ie there will be 3...
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    The BAS800 appears to be capable of programming a PIC 16F630. By using <control> <F3>, 14 pin device option is enabled, and the PIC 16F630 can be selected. However, there is no guidance for orienting the IC in the BAS800 zif socket. Has anyone had success in programming this IC with the...