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Now, having thoroughly read the doumentation for the BAS800, here is what I found:

When inserting the 14pin PIC, pin 1 should be in the 8 pin - pin 1 position,
which will be towards the middle of the 40 pin ZIF socket (position 10). Make
sure this is very carefully aligned (ie there will be 3 spare pin spaces in the ZIF
socket below the 14 pin PIC chip).

So far so good. EXCEPT, if you follow these directions as related to an 8 pin device, pin 1 of the 14 pin device ends up in ZIF socket position 11, NOT position 10!

That said, if I insert pin 1 of a 14 pin PIC, PIC16F630, to match up to pin 1 of an 8 pin device as indicated, the device is not recognized.

Technical, I would be greatful for a reply.


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Deleted - Post only applied to the non BAS800 programmer I have
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V+, v0, serial in and serial out are all in the same relationship for 08(M), 14M and 20M so should all go in the socket with their pin 1 in the same position.
The manual shows the 08 chip placed in the bottom of the standard 28Pin ZIF socket (see attachment).
To get a 14 or 20 pin into this same position, the bottom of the chip would overhang the 28pin ZIF which is why it is recommended that a 40pin ZIF be purchased. Alternatively a 14 or 20 pin socket can be butchered by removing all the legs past those that an 8pin chip would fit into. Put the 14/20 pin into this socket, then the socket/chip pairing into the 28pin ZIF with pin 1 in the right place i.e. 4 connectors up from the bottom on the left hand side.




Yes, I understand that inserting a PIC16F630 into the BAS800 involves coordinating pin 1 of the 16F630 with pin 1 of an 8 pin device.

That said, I did that and received an error message indicating that the device was not found or was not a 16F630, which is was.

Still a mystery............

Thank you for the replies.


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we will look into this, it could be a bug in the picdef.ini file which defines the unique id for each pic device.


Thank you, Technical

It's nice to know that there might be an inherent problem so that I can move on with other tasks until it is sorted out. Thank you for looking into this matter.

My current focus is on the PIC16F716 device. The BAS800 software does not list this device, however the non-flash OTP device, PIC16C716 is listed. They are similar but the BAS800 software will not support an erase operation if it is set to work with the 16C716, of course.

Are there future plans to expand the list of BAS800 supported devices? I'm feeling this is a legacy product and Revolution is busy with PICAXE issues. I use them too.

I would appreciate a little candor in regard to this question.

Thank you in advance of a reply.


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We try to add new PICs to the software as they are requested by users. Unfortunately Microchip adapt, tweak and change the programming commands for almost every PIC family and so the 16C716 and 16F716 use different programming sequences.


To Technical!

Are there any US /Canadian distributors that sell the BAS800? The only place I've ever found them is at the UK site, and shipping is high.