PE Download


My experience in attempting to download the latest version (5.3.6) of the PE is that the download data rate is less than 20 KB/sec.

Consequently, the total time to download the program is greater than one hour.

This seems like an unusually slow connect speed on the part of your fileserver.

Your thoughts?


Slow speeds were prevalent for more than just Rev Ed yesterday (Friday).

One likely cause was the "Wedding of the Centrury" using lots of Bandwidth sending on-line coverage, news reports, photos and more around the world.

Also possibly quite a few folks trying to download the latest version of the PE.
Taking 30 mins to download on Sat morning.


I don't know if Rev-Ed were having a problem which affected the "speed on the part of your fileserver" , but, have you considered the speeds/loads/demands/break-downs of the hundred lumps of hardware between Rev-Ed and YOU?

What Westy said may have affected things. Personally I saw no difference, so I won't bother with guessing.:rolleyes:
SHip happens , so don't ALWAYS jump to conclusions.:)