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    Product to market

    Does anyone have any experience on taking an item they produced to market? I believe there are tests etc you have to undergo before what was a hobby item can be sold or even given away FOC. Seems that bureaucratic red tape restricts the sharing of good inventions. Any advice is welcome. Am...
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    Any ideas how to control a TPIC6B595 via picaxe lots of samples online for other chips but nothing for picaxe.
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    RF modules

    RF is totally new to me! I am thinking of added RF to my project to send a 4x8 digit string to a 4x7 segment display it will be an add on to this Moving forward I may want to send the same...
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    Read Temp and display on a sure 4x7 segment display

    I am still learning and enjoying working with picaxe; I like to break my projects down into simple modules, my next aim is to read the time from a RTC and display it on a 4x7 segment display running SPI. I have started out by reading the temp and displaying that before adding i2c to the mix...
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    Number to hex and include the decimal

    I am playing around with one of these displays I have surprised myself and have it working fine to display digits, what I am trying to do now is have it display say the temperature or time. if I use a...
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    Code for directly connected 7 segment display.

    feeling happy managed to program up a 7 segment display (CA), I know resistors should be there but thought I would live dangerously as will be moving the project over to CC's with 4026B's in the near future. Is there are driver available for Common Anode displays?
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    GPS001 Datasheet dicrepancy

    Looking at the datasheet for the GPS001 Module it says field 1 outputs the UTC Time . Example 060932.448 Description UTC of position in hhmmss.sss format, (000000.00 ~ 235959.99) There seems to be a discrepancy between the example and description, the example shows 3dp while the description...
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    Large (I mean large) Display

    I have been searching high and low over the last few months for some sort of large display; all I need to display is 2 sets of 4 numerical values. i have looked for both 4x7 segment displays and also large alpha numeric screens and both i2c and serial. Ideally they need to be about 4"-6" high...
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    ULN2003A spec.

    looking through the ULN2003A spec and its says: Features 500 mA rated collector current (single output) Am I right in thinking this is 500mA (0.5a) per output so can run 7 - 0.5a devices. So could drive 25 LEDs which have a current of 20mA each per output so 175 in total?
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    HSEROUT works SEROUT does not

    I found this code online and it works perfectly with the BV4513 4X7 SEGMENT display from BYVAC.CO.UK but I want to use several of these so tried to convert the code to serout bu its not working any ideas? setfreq m8 'Min BAUD on Display 9600 symbol long=w5 'Pause long enough to view symbol...
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    Multi tasking & Accuracy

    I have two chips running my project (20m2 and 14m2) they are both multi tasking but a different number of tasks do they both run at 4hz? or is it a case of 32/number of tasks = actually speed. I have search the manuals and can not find any details about this. Also how accurate are picaxe chips...
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    Robot vehicle chassis

    Can anyone point me in the direction of a cheap robot vehicle chassis want to build something more fun for a while. I so far have found: and purchase a AXE023 PICAXE-08 Motor Driver Board or...
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    7 months on 1st project finished.

    Well finally all complete, the old flyball timing system has been updated ready for final testing. Many thanks to all those who helped marzan, flyingnunrt etc lots of parts left over not sure what to build next possible another set from scratch or even might look at a robot something more fun...
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    PulseOut Vs High Low Command

    Which would be better quicker to process High Starttimer Low Starttimer Or PulseOut Starttimer,10 Probably no right or wrong answer; although I guess the pulseout allows the picaxe to move on to the next line quicker and it also takes up less memory.
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    Processing speed

    How fast are lines of code processed? I know the 20m2 runs at 32MHz but when multi tasking it runs at 4Mhz. but how quickly would it suspend task 2 and restart task 4. high G1 ;green on suspend 2 ;suspend task2 red start fault monitor as no longer needed SUSPEND 6 i2cslave slvAddrWR...