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I have two chips running my project (20m2 and 14m2) they are both multi tasking but a different number of tasks do they both run at 4hz? or is it a case of 32/number of tasks = actually speed. I have search the manuals and can not find any details about this.

Also how accurate are picaxe chips if I use the pause command for 1000 (1 second) what degreed of accuracy will the 1 second be in, I have no access to an scope but a documented +/- figure would be sufficient.



Have you read page 62 in PICAXE manual 1

Whenever parallel/multi-tasking is used, the M2 PICAXE chip clock speed defaults to 16 MHz irrespective of any alternate speed you may set.
See notes under the SETFREQ command about M2 parts and multitasking:

With four tasks in use the nominal speed for each will appear to be 4 MHz.
Although not stated, I presume if you have 8 tasks then the apparent speed for each task will be slower.

A little more information here:
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