LCD/LED/OLED assorted displays 'lucky bags' at Maplin 1 (N01CG) Kemo Electronic S043


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Don't get too excited there, they've removed the Osram OLED and added a few normal 7-segment displays to the pinout list. This surely means they're running out of OS96016PP08MB2B10 OLEDs, and the (arguably) best item currently in the bags will not be included for much longer. Buy them while you can.

BagDate Created/ModifiedDays since previous
Bag with AMPY2001-1106.07.2012
Bag with DGL-0401YG-4EH11.04.2013279
Bag with VFD19.11.2013222
Bag with VFD and no OLED15.09.2015665

As of 21.02.2016, bags with printouts of the 15.09.2016 PDF have started to appear in stores. Items in the bag that weren't just 7-segment LED displays were:
  • 16x1 HD44780-compatible LCD marked LXC1615ETR. Date code suggests mid-'90s. Works with AXE133. 12:00 viewing direction, contrast is horrible; even worse than a KS0108 LCD.
  • Circular segment display contains six green LEDs and two red LEDs. I separated the plastic and PCB and that really is the case.
  • DGL-04-1YG-4EH LCD display - nothing new.
  • 6-digit 7-segment LCD requiring elastomeric connectors.
  • (in another bag) Chip on glass HD44780-compatble 16x2 LCD - pinout is the same as usual except for pin 2 being Vo and pin 3 being Vdd. Works with AXE133. Unlike a normal HD44780-compatible LCD, black squares will not be displayed on the top row if the display is uninitialised.
Proper documentation for all these to follow soon.
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