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We just got 14 AXE300 boards. We do believe in their great potential, educationally speaking, in interfacing with Grove modules.

In a previous thread, hippy disclosed a partial circuit diagram of the AXE300 board.
Still, the link to the data sheet is inoperative (404).

Would it be possible to get its full circuit diagram and more the layout (drawing)? Need them for making student's doc.

Two capacitors (1 small and 1 bigger) are next to the Grove connectors ; are they only there for a decoupling purpose?


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We will look into the missing PDF/circuit diagram, although the i/o pins are simply wired directly to the headers so there should not be much confusion. The two capacitors on each connector are just for noise decoupling the various grove boards.

The pin in question is the programming serout to computer (sertxd) pin and is also connected to the LED. This LED can be switched on/off with 'high/low A.0' commands (when not programming, when programming it will flicker automatically). There is also a special LED grove block to control this LED for when you are using Blockly.

You are correct that there is not a real A.0 pin, as the M2 architecture only supports two ports. However that does not stop the 20M2 compiler still supporting 'high/low A.0' commands to switch that pin on/off (the compiler outputs pokesfr commands to fake high/low control of the pin).


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Pin "A.0" is the Serial Out of the 20M2; and that's why the LED Flashes during program download.