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    ERF/XRF/URF standby - restart -lo power

    Hi. Am looking at a solar powered setup with 2 x separate device/picaxe/xrf or erf setups -->> <<-- 1 x URF (both devices sending to the same URF) Qs 1. how to distinguish between the two remote devices? 2. since both these devices will be running off batteries charged by solar, I plan to...
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    20M2 Mobile Robot

    @ Erco I can view the linked youtube vid from yr post #28 However all the posts 1,2,6,9,16,17,21,24,26 simply show the text and a large white rectangle.
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    28x2 sertxd to terminal @ setfrq em40

    Would it be possible to make the baud rate for sertxd/serout adjustable (as it is for hserout). I am aware that the sertxd baud rate is tied tothe clock speed but does it have to be? When running a 28x2 @ setfreq em40 (10MHz resonator) am unable to use sertxd at the standard baud rates but...
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    Sleep, Nap, DisableBOD

    In the sleep command description, the use of disablebod is suggested for further power comsumption reduction. However, for the NAP command disablebod is not mentioned. Can disablebod provide the same benefits for NAP as for Sleep?
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    Re-engineering with an 08M

    Remote switch upgrade with an 08M Have two remote light switches which do not work properly in that the switch requires repeat activation to get the light to turn on. The light usually flashes momentarily for each activation and will only stay on after repeat activation - any number from 1 to 8...
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    Forum strangness - Win7 / ie8

    on a new setup of win7 and ie8 there is some strange behaviour on the forum. 'out of the box' when I click on the down triangle to make a quick reply, whichever message is on screen is included as a quote. If the 'comaptability view' button (on the ie8 top toolbar) is clicked, this no longer...
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    CHI035 Board

    Would someone please confirm; 1. which FETs are currently shipping with this board (IRF/IRL?) 2. which PICAXE is currently recommended for this board (18M?) Documentatation is still dated 2004!! Thanks
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    SetInt - testing interrupt condition

    Sanity check please! 28x1 based circuit at setfreq m8 Have a tacho and two motors. Only one motor can run at a time. There is a separate reflective sensor for each motor and the RPM is delivered via the count command on whichever input is selected by a PB. All this works well. Have adapted...
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    Manual Version Numbers

    Would it be possible to show the version (revision) number beside each manual on the website. Since the manuals do not appear to be delivered with the new program editor download, there is no way to determine if the manual has been updated without downloading (opening) it. This is wasteful...
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    Forum 'First Unread' annoyance

    Hi, Usually run the forum with the sort to earliest posts first so I can refresh on what the thread is about before delving into the posts. There is a button "View First Unread" which will then take you directly to the next unread post in the thread. The annoyance is that this seems to...
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    PE new feature Request(s)

    WeastAust55 wrote (paraphrased); *************** with V5.2.2 programming editor, we get a useful list of all the variables, constants and labels in a separate panel down the right side. Even shows where you have multiple aliases for the same byte or word variable. and now . . . Suggestion /...
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    Download cable - Clarification

    Having issues with download cable on a circuit which caused me to review the current information and re-check the cables in use. On checking through Manual 1, I feel there is a documentation issue which may contribute to the numerous problems new users have. In all the minimum operating...
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    08M controlled Adjustable Voltage Regulator

    Description and code/circuit options further revised and posted starting at #5 This post publishes the work discussed in the thread; NOTE:- Revised description, code, and circuit published 7 August 2008 (BCJ). and incorporates additional...
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    SMD soldering and professional PCBs

    What does the temp profile look like with this method? Is it anywhere near the recommended profile? There seems to be lots af data (reasonably consistent) from the chip manufacturers and here; Time and Temperature seem to be pretty tightly specified!
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    Windows XP SP2, 08M

    Works as advertised for a simple (71 byte) Program. Re issues reported on filenames; with no extension on the filename message appears; Can't open BASIC Source file 'filename'! But then the .exe is dated 26/6/08 (downloaded today) so presumably has been subjected to a silent update...