Forum 'First Unread' annoyance


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Usually run the forum with the sort to earliest posts first so I can refresh on what the thread is about before delving into the posts.

There is a button "View First Unread" which will then take you directly to the next unread post in the thread.

The annoyance is that this seems to function off some combination of access + timer?!?

if the Forum is closed quite quickly, the read posts still show up as unread.
If you are working your way through the threads/posts, then the read ones will remain bold for a while then the bold will go off.
If you refresh the browser page any time, the read posts will no longer be bold.
However, if the forum is open for a while without activity, all the posts become read posts - most annoying.

Can this be fixed please so that a post is not marked as read unless it has been read (just like other forums I use).



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I would guess the behaviour is an integral part of vBulletin and therefoe something outside of Rev-Ed's ability to change, other then moving to other forum software which I would expect is unlikely to happen.