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Would it be possible to show the version (revision) number beside each manual on the website.

Since the manuals do not appear to be delivered with the new program editor download, there is no way to determine if the manual has been updated without downloading (opening) it.

This is wasteful on bandwidth and time just to find that the version is the same as you have already!



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Thanks for that assurance. Does that apply to the updates as well as to the full downloads?

It has certainly not always been my experience as I have had to go to the website and download the manuals recently to get them up to date even though i was using the current program version.

Still feel it would be a useful addition as there a numerous cases where forum posters do not appear to be using the latest manuals (but perhaps that is because they are not using the latest editor either?).
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I concur that many have not downloaded the latest manuals.

My solution is:
When making reference to the PICAXE Manuals, particularly when a new edition first comes out, I state the current manual revision number at the time of the post.

But . . .
I do concur with BCJKiwi, it would be that to have the revion number or date in the datasheet webpage would be good. Even datasheets for project boards (latest I spied was the AXE021) get updated with no announcement/indication.


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While I understand that the documentation included with the PE software updates will be the latest, there are situations where the Editor installation is not required (or permitted).

In my own situation, my employer does not permit "unauthorised" or non-essential software to be loaded on the company PCs. Understandable in a large business.

However, I am a regular on the forum during my work breaks, particularly during lunch and at the end of the day. I keep some of the documentation on the work PC. I find it often gets out of date and it is difficult to determine if its up-to-date.