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    Project presentation: Picaxe Automatic Personal Coffee Machine

    Hi, I would like to present to the entire forum a my own project based on a Picaxe processor for an home and personal coffee machine automation: Picaxe Automatic Personal Coffee Machine Please comment or suggest. Thanks.
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    searching for a cheap economical solenoid valve for water applications

    Hi at all. I'm searching for an economical cheap solenoid valve to drive water flow in a new project that I need to realize. I need to buy somethink like 250-280 solenoid valve that I will mount in a graphic waterfall application. So I need to buy a really economical model (due to total...
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    download program from Picaxe to 18M2+ Picaxe

    I know that this question was placed other times but I need other information due to specific application. I have about 100 boards with Picaxe 18M2+ chip installed. I need to program this boards without a pc. I want to realize an external board with Picaxe chip on board and use it to program the...
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    Send and Receive SMS with PICAXE

    Hi, I have a new project to do... I need a GSM device for send and receive SMS. Could someone give me information about a device and a piece of picaxe software, just and example? Thanks.
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    Compile a .BAS file as an .HEX file and upload to PICAXE... Possible?

    Hi, there is some possibilities to create a compiled .HEX (or like...) file from a .BAS file and upload it to PICAXE?
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    Read data from heart monitor via wireless...?

    Hi, had someone tried to read data from SIGMA PC25.10 heart monitor via wireless? link to product:
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    PICAXE Lilbraries for ORCAD...

    Hi could someone give me a right about where can I found PICAXE libraries for ORCAD? thanks...
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    Picaxe 18M2+ and I2C LCD 16x2 display

    Hi, I am a new PICAXE user. I need to use a I2C display that I link here: I need some help to write a relatively basic routine to try this module. Could someone help me, please? Many Thanks!