Yellow bar ?

I have lost the yellow bar that follows the lines of code when you simulate in PE6.

It must be simple to get back but I can't find it.

Thank you to Picaxe store, ordered bits Friday pm and they arrived in the post Saturday morning.

Also now I can unplug and plug back in my 027 cable and it keeps working, no restarting each time.

So thank you to everyone that makes all these things work.


Technical Support
Staff member
First thing to check with a simulation running is the bottom right where the speed of simulation is set. If a very short simulation time the yellow bar won't track the executing lines. Increase to (I think) 30 and it should come back.

If not it may be you are in a multitasking program and not watching the task being executed. Adding #SIM ALL might help there.

Or maybe you are stuck in a MACRO ?

Trying a simple program with various PICAXE selected may determine what's going on -

  Pause 100