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PE6 - Win10

At school, I have frequently to tell students to launch PE6 then open their file (Blockly). They expect to get the software launched with a double click on the file name as with other software.
Most of the time they are puzzled by the code displayed in Firefox (default association), so they ask for help. Though they've got instructions to follow.

For a test, on my personal computer, PE6 is now associated with .xml file extension.

When I double click on a .xml file, PE6 is launched but the file is not opening.:confused:
Did I miss something?

I'm thinking of this file association at school, but...
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A second point :

A file closed in PE6 seems to be locked up and can't be moved or deleted ; I must close PE6 to move/remove the file.


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Which Windows OS are you using ?

I could not test file associations but when I open or after saving or closing a Blockly .XML file I can rename, move or delete those files without closing PE6. What is the exact error message you are getting ?


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OS used is Win10

What is the exact error message
I had an error message saying that the file was in use.

Doing some more test, I have not encountered again the same problem as posted while moving/removing files.

But, while a file (.xml) was opened in PE6, I was able to rename or remove it without receiving any error message. Strange because it should have prevented me doing that.


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Win7 pro - PE6

Having an .XML file associated with PE6, a double click is launching PE6 but still doesn't open the file. Is there anything to do to fix that? (Win config?)