Xbox AV break out board


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Just here with a small project I have done to interface with an Xbox console to break out audio video signals.
you can find a full write up on my github here:

professor-jonny/Xbox-AVIP-mod: Xbox AVIP mod (

It includes a smd version of a picaxe with basic and flowchart programs,pcb designs, 3d models, manual and a bit of a blog of my workings and findings along the way.

It might be intresting for users here to read?

If any one has any usefull suggestions im open to make this better.

One thing I would like to do is make the xbox turn on with an IR remote but the stand by voltage of the xbox is 3.3v but the mode select pins are 5v on the xbox avip connector and I'm unsure how to go about protecting the picaxe inputs when the xbox powers up, and i dont really have space for a charge pump, but I am open to ideas I thaught maybe zeener diodes to cap the voltage or something.