Wrong pin numbers on picaxe 14M2 parts


New Member
I have been simulating a circuit using the picaxe 14M2. In my libraries the schematic symbols for both the 14M2 and the 14M2-IC have incorrect pin numbers for pins 2 through 6, being labelled 12, 11, 10, 9, 8 respectively. If I try to correct this by decomposing the symbol, as soon as I do so the pins change to the correct numbers in the decomposed symbol. If I go through the process of "changing" the pin numbers to the correct number (which is now actually the number showing on the pin anyway) and MakeDevice, saving the "revised" symbol in my user library, the correct pin numbers appear to stick. If I then retrieve the symbol from my library the pin numbers are once again incorrect. I have not checked any other picaxe processor symbols in my library for this problem. Interestingly, when I initially select the device from the Pick Devices dialogue the preview shows the correct pin numbers! I could live with this, except that when I export a netlist it uses the incorrect numbers, which confuses any PCB layout software no end. It also means every time I re-export the netlist due to changes I have to manually edit it to correct the pin numbers. I have tried searching in the forums for references to this problem but, surprisingly, have not found anything. Can anyone help?
Tom W.