Win8.1 Unhandled Exception with Winaxepad

I've been using linaxepad successfully with puppy linux. My class now uses a mixture of machines including win8 and win 8.1 machines. I'm running win8.1 and puppy linux at home. All the win8 and 8.1 pc's display an unhandled exception error when view then options is clicked.
Can anybody point me towards a fix?


As mentioned I use a mixture of machines. The machines available for students who don't have their own run puppy linux; the winaxepad software has a very similar interface to linaxepad so I write my worksheets based on these programs. I'd really like to continue with winaxepad for this reason.
Should have known better. Always check to see if axe027 driver driver installs properly.
Used the installer that came with the program.
Checking with Device Manager had a "Device cannot be started error" under properties.
Used the zip driver file and updated the driver and the port software. No more unhandled exception errors.