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I have many picaxe chips collecting all sort of data and displaying the data on a web server run on a Pi or a PC. I would like to also display graphs, now, I use thingspeak for graphs but would like to go to a local server. There are dizzying amount of ways to serve graphical pages, I really want something very simple but the trend seems to be towards fancy. I'm looking at dygraphs, looks decent. I don't want anything where it has to go to a web service like google charts.

Any suggestions? The simpler the better.


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You can generate simple charts/graphs with HTML - something I did about 20 years ago reading data from a database but it should be as easy to do it from info in a text file or data read from a sensor. I don't know if I still have any of that code.

Get the size of the display window and then you effectively work with pixels to draw white space and color dots to create a chart or graph. More work on the front end (How big is the window? How many pixels per unit?) but it worked reasonably well in 2003 or so and almost all internet hardware is faster now. Much simpler if you're working with horizontal lines to create a stack of percentages as I was then ;-)

My wife says I have "engineer vision" as I can tell you the structure under the chair cushion but she's more interested in the upholstery fabric. I'm not sure how much that affects being able to write code which produces a basic chart/graph.

I'm much more likely to be writing some "End of Civilization As We Know It" fiction than web pages these days (7 books on Amazon) - doesn't pay nearly as well but I do get direct feedback from the users (readers) ;-)


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Thanks Papaof2 and Jeff. I'm swimming in all the graphing packages, I'm sure there is a simple one out there but haven't found it yet. The HTML route with Canvas is in the lead so far. I'll research the Chart.js today.

I remember in the infancy days of computers you can get a graph up and running in 10 minutes now it takes an hour to get all the packages installed and fix all the issues in the example tutorials.

papaof2, fascinating that you've become a writer, i looked on amazon and did not see 7 books but i'm sure i'm doing something wrong maybe it's on Amazon's UK site.

thanks for the replies.


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Barely related food for thought: use the computer screen & sertxd to display graphic output using text characters. Could be a data graph or something else, here I made the world's slowest slow scan camera with a BS2 to display an image. This was inspired by the clever PING-Dar display below.