.wav & .bas music files


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The Programme Editor Music sub folder contains tunes ending in these extensions. How does one insert either of these into an 08M programme using the Tune Wizard? It just rejects Paste Basic with a "Error opening file" response.

The .bas files can be opened as a new programme and the tune details copied/pasted into a host programme. This is not so with the .wav files

Forum search produced no guidance while the manuals simply state .wav files are available in the sub-folder.

Any muso out there to help?

Michael 2727

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A .bas tune file and RTTL file are similar to a MIDI file,
they do not contain any muical content.
They only contain the note parameters which the
program then interpretes into picth, duration etc.

A .wav, .mp3 file is a digital representation of an
analogue actual sound, when converted back to
an analogue form it should be an exact copy of the
original sound.

A MIDI file played back on 10 different sound cards
can sound like 10 different versions of the same
song depending on the instrument allocation and
voice chipset of the individual card.

A BAS tune or RTTL = The music Score.
A WAV or MP3 are actual digitized notes.
And never the twain shall meet.


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To use the tune wizard you need RTTTL ring tone text format files, widely available on the internet.

The Programming editor can convert ringtones into .wav files so you can 'hear' what they would sound like by computer playback. But you cannot go the other way - ie you can't convert .wav into tune data.