VSM Project -- Fireflies in a Jar (part 1)

"Fireflies in a Jar" is one of my favorite PICAXE 08M projects. I've made quite a few of them as gifts.

It was first done as an Instructible using and AVR then Botronics converted it to PICAXE 08M. Puddlehaven then tweaked the software. It was discussed previoously on the forum: http://www.picaxeforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=8107&highlight=fireflies

It was a natural for me to use to learn to use the PICAXE VSM.

In this first part, here is the DSN file and an image of the circuit.

Note: The 'source" file (program file) is Puddlehaven's basic program with one modification. The line containing the statement "#PICAXE 08M" is remmed out. The beta version of VSM hiccups at that point. :)

Part 2 will contain the DIPTRACEpcb and the TANGO netlist used



VSM Project -- Fireflies in a Jar (part 2)

This second part includes an image of the pcb file and the TANGO Netlist exported from PICAXE VSM and imported into DIPTRACE pcb.

Note: a custom library was developed for DIPTRACE using the component names and footprints from PICAXE VSM.

Due to the forum limits of only 2 attachments per post, part 3 will contain the DIPTRACE pcb file.



VSM Project -- Fireflies in a Jar (part 3)

Finally, the DIPTRACE pcb file is attached. Note, to use this file in DIPTRACE you must change the extension "txt" back to "dip" (this should work, sometimes Windows gets a little fussy with file types and extensions)


Note: since there was an extra slot for the attachments. I added Puddlehaven's modified FireFly.bas program


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Nice project. To neaten thinsg up if you use Edit>Edit Design Properties and enter a title, when you save the file the title will be shown on your schematic instead of the default long filename.