Vintage Meccano Magazine Online


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Worth browsing for a trip down memory lane and maybe to get some project ideas. IIRC Meccano was originally a British toy. There goes my week.

Looks like every page of every issue online, use dropdown menus to select issue and page. use L/R arrows to change pages. I'm looking at "Gargantua", a robotic crane in March 1938, p 172.



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I remember meccano as a kid and I'm 67 now. Got a load of all the bits and motors cogs nuts and bolts for your 5 bucks from what we call a charity shop. I think you call them thrift shops. Lots of handy bits and bobs! Steel is heavy though. We don't have Walmart here, we got screwfix... honest lots of extruded aluminium bars and nut/bolts and other stuff. Daft name