v6 crash w/ XP

I'm having trouble w/ verson on this computer (XP). v5 runs without problem but 6 seems buggy. It's especially susceptible to crash if the com port has a problem or you don't stop terminal before turning off chip. It's very slow to boot and sometimes gives a long string of things that didn't load or crashed on start-up. Sometimes when this happens the program runs sometimes not. Re-boot doesn't seem to help. It has gotten to the point that it won't run at all. Re-install doesn't resolve it, you have to un-install and re-install. I kind of like some features of v6 over 5 (but not all) but sometimes give up and go back to the old.

Are there any known issues with XP or any incompatible drivers? Any other suggestions?


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We have not noticed any particular problems when using PE6 with Windows XP.

The PE6 version you have is not the latest but that would not seem to be the cause of the issues you are experiencing.

If you can provide details of what things don't work or crash when starting, indicate what errors you get, that may better help analyse the situation.
It's a LONG list but I'll try to get a screen capture. One time it happens is if the IC is switched off before closing Terminal.
Something else. It's the usb bub from moderndevice.com. Crash on boot is not related to download board though "terminal" crash obviously is. Probably un-related but sometimes this PC suddenly sees the usb as a mouse pen. The crash on boot doesn't totally crash. It gives a long error list and then appears to run somewhat normal. the terminal crash allows you to save before shutting down.


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Probably un-related but sometimes this PC suddenly sees the usb as a mouse pen.
It could well be related. This is a well known issue of Windows systems.

It can occur with PICAXE devices when they are outputting debug data or serial when the PC is booting. Keeping the PICAXE powered off or disconnecting the serial when booting will usually avoid the issue and Microsoft have instructions for permanently disabling the check for mice and pointing devices -