User Manual Access in Version 6

Hello all,
Is there a way to have the Picaxe manuals, when accessed from the help menu, automatically appear full page (111%)? I can manually enlarge each page, but when I access a new page from the left Contents menu, the page is again reduced in size (64.5%).
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This sounds like it is an issue with whatever default PDF reader is installed rather than an issue with PE6 itself.
I don't think it is an issue with PE 6. I experienced the same problem with PE 5, only after downloading a newer set of PE manuals from the Picaxe web site. Is it possible the default page size for the PDF's was "locked" to the smaller "full page" size (53.6%) when the manuals were created? Somewhere in my attempt to resolve this, I read that if an original document has certain properties "locked" when it is created it will always revert to back them, and cannot be permanently changed.
I am using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, version 2015.010. I have tried to globally adjust the Adobe Preferences, with no success.