Twitter + PicAxe!


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Hello all.

I just finished a small project: The idea is to make PicAxe able to send twitter ( updates easily which will end up as SMS messages on my mobile. I'm tracking the temperature in my home (again...) and I'm able to check the twitter page ( and also receive SMS messages on my mobile.

For the project I'm using a 08m chip, an account on Twitter (you will need 2 acounts: one for you and one for the 08m) for the PicAxe chip to use and a small Python script to glue them all together.

The next step is to use the SimpleLan module and simplify the connection between the PicAxe and the Twitter web site.

Files and more info available on my site:



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Wow very impressive project. The little Picaxe 08M may be the little tail waging the big dog, but it's impressive none the less.



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08M might be small chip in the PicAxe range but it's definitely powerful! It's also the chip I use when I start to test out an idea. Yes, I have also killed quite a few :-(


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PicAxe + Twitter take 2!

OK, here's a nice update on the project:

The project now uses the SimpleLan module to send the messages over to Twitter website. The circuit is almost identical to the previous project with the addition of the ethernet module.

The good thing is that you don't need a PC with a serial connection to update Twitter. You can connect the PicAxe directly to your switch and then to your Internet connection.

The catch is that you need to transform the UDP messages comming from PicAxe to HTTP requests. I have included a small Python script on the site that does this for you. The script needs to be running on a computer 24/7 in order to receive the UDP packets from PicAxe and transform them to HTTP requests. I have a small VPS server that I'm running the script. Feel free to use my server, located at: Make sure you already have an account for your project at the Twitter site or go ahead and create one.

Stelios M.