Theme Park


I have a school project to do: Make a model themepark.
I have for use:

- 40X1
- 28/40 Pin Project Board
- 24LC256 Eeprom
- Piezo buzzer
- Regulated power supply
- DS1307 Clock IC with lithium battery
- LCD (4X20 Blue Backlit LCD #118 from
- DS18B20
- HIH-4000 Honeywell humidity sensor
- Quite a lot of Fairly bright LED's
- 10x 12mm Tactile switches

I need a way to control these LED's (thinking about a 2x ULN2803A)
As there are 16 Outputs max on a 40X1.

Anyway, I need to make a couple of rides, so For an easy one, a ferris wheel out of paddle pop sticks. The Ferris wheel is going to be 20 - 30 Cm Diameter and 10 cm wide. It also needs a shaft and some kind of wheel I can glue My paddle pops onto... I just need a Motor... And its goto be from Any sugesstions?

Thanks in Advance!
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Make sure you get a motor and gearbox combination. The output shaft should rotate about once every 10 seconds or so if you are going to couple it directly. If Tech supplies cannot manage this Rapid have suitable items.

Your switches and LEDs would be useful for a "whack-a-mole" stall. I have a circuit diagram and Picaxe programme. If you are interested e-mail me at bgrabowsk(at)


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Check out the basic interfacing circuits in the picaxe manuals - it should give you all the info you need for motor interfacing :) Also beware that if you're using a picaxe supplied by your school, your teacher is likely to be browsing this forum and looking for people trying to get people to do the work for them - you dont want it to look that way im sure!
Thankyou very much!

I wouldn't worry about the teachers... well for me anyway... because the teachers at my school don't know anything about the picaxe... except for the mining tool... :)


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Sounds like a fun project!

My suggestion is to break it down into simple bassic units, build and get each one working BEFORE you try to put it al together.

Make sure you have qn adequate power supply, cleaned and filtered, or else you will be pulling your hair out looking for random glitches.

Looking forward to the photos!