SX126x LoRa modules !


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A heads up for Semtech's updated SX126x LoRa engines.These were announced 2018 but complete setups are now arriving. See DORJI's SPI =>

Features abound compared with existing SX127x based LoRa modules -check Chengdu EBYTE's SX126x E22 range -
* cheaper (< US$10 for UART), smaller, lighter
* wide supply range
* allow remote config.
* channel "listen before talk" carrier sense
* WOR (wake on radio -greatly enhances battery drain
* relay feature
* low RX current drain (~half that of SX127x)
* configs. over a wider freq. range (410-493MHz apparently 1MHz spaced )
* simple UART or SPI
* GUI setup
* AT command friendly
* work with SX127x

Several of these features look "smell of an oily electron" goldmines for energy sniffing IoT applications!

EBYTE'S E22 pinouts however are 1.27mm spaced (half the normal .1" = 2.54mm) which means breadboard issues. However at least pins are not cussed 2mm, & only a handful are needed anyway.

I've ordered some E22-400T22S 433MHz UART versions,but delivery influenced by the present CNY (Chinese New Year) shut down. Stay tuned -Stan.

Extra: If new to LoRa perhaps refer my mega (! ) popular 2015 PICAXE slanted Instructable =>


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