Sparky + Picaxe-08M2 (Usage Suggestions Appreciated)


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Sparky Very Lo-Power Picaxe Invoker & Zombie Zapper

hi folks,
This is a very simple analog board that does a lot of stuff on it's own, but is also useful for waking up Picaxe boards to perform a specific task.
The standby current is very low (1uA @ 12v, 0.5uA @ 5v) so great for battery-powered projects.

Rather than try to explain in words what Sparky is used for, I decided to just put a few examples in the attached .pdf.
Sparky + Picaxe are essential tools for the Zombie Apocalypse (or worse yet, crazy ex-girlfriends).

Note: here’s the link to the SR501 motion detector board I sometimes use with the Sparkys:
The old Sparky board is same size as the SR501 board. Rev C is slightly larger.

Sparky is the name of my (sadly deceased) buddy’s dog. Lew did the DipTrace layout for the original board. We couldn’t figure out what to call the board, so I said “Ah hell Lew, just name it after the dog”. When old guys drink & smoke cigars, stuff like that happens. I really miss Lew. Best fishing & projects buddy I ever had.


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