Software for on screen visualisation of virtual input/output environment


I joined the PicAxe Forum Community and receiving help with the circuitry elsewhere.

I have programmed in basic about 1980, it is helping now to catchup with PicAxe.
Virtually Nothing but ZX80 was available to me in 1980.

So what is available in Software to Simulate running code and visual outputs for PICAXE-28X2?

I downloaded:
PICAXE Editor 6
Blockly for PICAXE

The PicAxe Editor runs my code.
Not asking for solution, just as an example:
I notice the lines with output high and pauses run slower then other code lines.
Then there is an unexpected glitch in the code lines before returning normal.
Not interested in the issue of a code error, I would just like to visualize the outputs.

I do not like Blocky because it is asking me to use different format then you would writing basic code.
For me, I would like to use the normal basic code.

Just out of curiosity, does Blocky reconstruct to basic with efficiency intelligence, or just simple rules?

It is not clear to me what PICAXE VSM does, I would like a plug and play option!
To this end, are there plain Picaxe 28x2 Circuit Templates or something to load into PICAXE VSM?

I do not have internet for the PicAxe Software.

Are there any other WYSIWYG Simulation Software available?
Something that can offer more efficiency for my input.

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It would be good if the outputs of Picaxe IC in Editor Glowed Green when high in simulation.
So you could run the code at high speed and see the physical outputs.

Has nobody already done this?
We do not understand your point - the simulation panel outputs do already highlight during simulation?
Are you talking about using the editor, I must be doing something wrong?
I was looking, expecting the feature had to be included.
I Don't know

VSM trial is about to be uninstalled, it keeps going through the waiting period during operation.
With no templates to see Picaxe 28x2 simulation I will not bother to purchase.
It is very annoying when trial software wastes your time.

Another pet hate is no user manuals, given offline status of work PC.

I do like the Picaxe chips
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PE6 includes user manuals, see the File>Help menu. The included manual 1 has a section called 'BASIC simulation' which should help you.
PE6 includes user manuals, see the File>Help menu. The included manual 1 has a section called 'BASIC simulation' which should help you.
The manual thing was just a shot at software without them.
I will sort out this thing with on screen display of output states.

I see people share code in a box on the forum, how do I make the post box to insert code?


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If you load the following program into PE6 ...

#Picaxe 08M2
  Toggle C.2
  Pause 1000
Simulate that within PE6, and you should see the Simulation panel highlight the C.2 pin as that pin is set high. That panel is normally at the lower left of PE6 -

I used the program again, it turns out the outputs were blinking and my eyesight was not able to see it.
I also chose the wrong Picaxe format, but all good now.

You know those IC Project Boards that have large copper pads around the IC for each pin.?
And use the actual Outputs on each pad, A.0 to C7.?

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