software crash upon simulation


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i've just recently downloaded the software onto my windows xp

i tried writing a few lines of code, and even used the example codes found in the manuals eg. parallel task code on p63 to test the simulating ability of this program

however it always comes up with the error message:

Run-time error '-2147024809 (80070057)
The parameter is incorrect. SRCVW32 lex routine: PutRegExpPropHelper - Invalid or unrecognised expression syntax

even with something as simple as
high B.1
wait 1
low B.1
goto main
is erroneous

i've read about the possible problems with language settings, but mine is set to english on both the program and computer

any help to the problem is appreciated


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Welcome to the forums.

You have a non-standard version of SRCVW4.DLL somewhere lurking within your windows folders (often in /system32). This may have come from a different software installation, as it is not only PE5 that uses this file.
Delete all instances of this file manually and then reinstall PE. This should resolve the issue.


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tried deleting all the SRCVW4.DLL, then reinstalling it, but the same thing happens

so does uninstalling, rebooting then reinstalling it again

as an extra info, i've got v4.0.1.2 of the SRCVW4.DLL in the /system32 folder