Smartest outdoor light I ever built


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Hi everyone
I finished my smart light
thanks to Marks,allycat,hippy,Lbenson,texas and the rest of you hiding on the forum

This light was well worth the effort in building and I used the sunset/rise code from Marks my added code
This light turns on at sunset and turns off at midnight then turns on 1 hr before sunrise/off at sunrise every day
The light uses three 120w equivalent 15 watt LED bulbs
I used a picaxe 20m2 ,LCD,RTC ds3231,SSR and a microwave sensor
I am impressed at the microwave sensor because at the angle I used next to the LCD it will
activate 20 ft + which is perfect for my project
It also keeps track of activations per year and is saved on the RTC memory I.E.
  hi2cout 0,  (b10,b11) ; year 2017 
   hi2cout 2,  (b10,b11) ; year 2018
hi2cout 4,  (b10,b11) ; year 2019
It also shows the temp from the RTC and real time
along with sunset and sunrise per day
Again thanks for all your help ...another project X'd out
After I clean up my code ...I will try to post it