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Hallo, I have tried 'picaxe08m' on a slackware 12.0 system and a Asus EEPC 4G.

The Asus EEPC worked 100% no problems !!

I could run it with the -s option and it reported success. I had two problems: libpcre and lines ending with CRLF. The PCRE problem was easy to fix. For the CRLF I had to push the .bas through a dos2unix program and then it worked.

My problem is that it reports an error "Hardware not found". I did the modprobe command to load the driver and also the udev rules.d file (as specified in the PDF doc). The cable is fine since I used it both from a Windows environment and the Asus EEPC (see above).
Correction: If I run the program twice directly one another, the 1st one fails and the second one works. If the time between each run is more than a second or so, it fails always.

Slackware does report the USB as a AXE027 cable. I can supply the output of lsusb -v -d 0403:bd90 if it helps.

Is there anything else I can look at/for to make this work ?

Great that Linux is supported, which the 14M/20M is also part of the package in the future?



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If your slackware machine has a traditional serial port it would be very useful to try that with a serial cable instead. That would confirm the issue is with the USB driver rather than the compiler, as there are two possibilities here.


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We are beta testing 08M and 18X only. However all current parts will be part of the full release.