Single-paper Picaxe-08M(2) programming quick reference (including troubleshooting)


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Not so much of a code snippet, more of a "documentation snippet".
Here is a single-paper (double-sided) overview of the main programming concepts (symbols, registers, most important commands (with examples), picaxe pinout and troubleshooting) for a Picaxe-08M2. It may for example serve well in the class room as a quick reference and help guide, as well as provide a comprehensive overview for individual starters. I have used it to give my middle and youngest sons an introduction to Picaxe. Any comments and improvement suggestions (including language use) are most welcome.

- PDF version, Quick Programming Reference
- MS-Word version, Quick Programming Reference

Feel free to download and tailor the MS-Word version to your own needs. The first section is a Symbols definition list tailored to the AXE092 Schools Experimenters Board, these definitions can be very easily changed to suit other applications (other boards, other picaxe variants)

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