Simulation Memory Panel Issue


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When running with the simulation paused I cannot change the values of any of the memory addresses in the RAM or EEPROM in the memory panel (as described on page 68 of the PICAXE Manual Section 1). After both single or double clicking in a cell with either left or right mouse button it allows changes of the value displayed to what is typed but the alteration is not retained and the cell reverts backs to its original value. Any idea what is wrong or what I am doing wrong?

I am running PICAXE Editor version on Windows 7 Professional 64 bit if that makes a difference.



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Seems to be working for me; enter the number, then press return to have it accept that.


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Are you sure your programme is not overwriting the RAM locations you are trying to change ?

I've fell for that one a few times !


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If I press enter, or click in another cell, then the entered value disappears and the cell is blank.

The memory does get written to elsewhere in the code but the simulation does not get to that part whilst I am debugging it.

Just tried it on Windows XP Professional 32 bit SP3 with the same results :(