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Welcome to the PICAXE community at!

This forum is for any PICAXE related discussion - help with projects, general advise etc. No advertising or spamming is permitted.

The PICAXE Forums have been designed to facilitate the flow of useful, appropriate and fun information about the PICAXE system. We ask only that you be respectful to others—to treat others how you would like to be treated. Please remember many thousands of users may read your post. Some of these users will be school students with very little electronics knowledge. Others may be retired electronic engineers with years of experience. Respect each others experience and/or lack of knowledge. Be concise and and as accurate as possible in posts. Avoid use of abbreviations and long program posting where possible.

Please check the FAQ and do a search before starting a new thread (particularly for download issues!). The PICAXE manuals are available here:
PICAXE Manual 1 - Getting Started
PICAXE Manual 2 - BASIC Commands
PICAXE Manual 3 - Interfacing Circuits

If you add any PICAXE BASIC program code to your post, please enclose it within [code] [/code] tags e.g.
high 1
pause 1000
low 1

Other formatting tags are described here.

If you attach any image, please make sure it is a small, low resolution file - e.g. don't upload pictures straight off your 6megapixel digital camera - they will be huge files! Images may be moderated before they are publically available.
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