RC PWM to drive a Cytron MD20A motor controller


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Need to know the maximum weight the motor can move, the weight of the forks, the length of the forks, the maximum load on the forks and what the fork length versus the actuator connection point does to the load as seen by the motor.. If that motor can move the seat with a 300lb person in it, it's probably fine for what you have planned.


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motor can move the seat
The power seat has a total of 8 inches of travel. Powerful little motor to tip those forks 4 inches up or down.
The electric tongue jack is rated at 3200 lb and has an 18-in stroke.
Forks will be 3 ft long and adjustable between 12 and 24 in wide.
The forks will mount right in front of the drive wheels. the two 12 volt batteries and the metal frame probably top out at 200 lb.
Edit: More than enough weight to counterbalance the fork load.
We will attempt to lift 100 to 120 lb. I like my robots to do real work!!!!
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Hey Gramps, try this. Untested, I took a quick swag at it. I have no hardware handy.
erco, just catching up here after months of duties in the real world, and finally getting back to coding this motor driver!