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Finished projects:
Solar operated pressure pump preuure check/ timer
Solar powered security lights (2 versions)
Battery operated kids fading night light

Dog agility positioning/timing system.
The original prototypes are still working, but the build cost is high due to many parts. Looking to revisit and simplify the design using PWM and an hall effect sensor and probably an EEPROM.



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Just finished another Halloween Prop. A skeleton sitting on a dynamite plunger. PIR activated with explosion sounds and fairy wire sets to simulate the explosion flash. I have switched to Picaxe from more expensive Basic Stamp controllers. Picaxe has proven to be much easier to scale to the size project I am working on.


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Good project! I’ve done some busy things all at once with an 08M2 PICAXE. If you design the prop right, it just had to follow a logic level for up/down/left/right and continue until it reaches the limit of its motion. The PICAXE doesn’t HAVE to follow it.