Problem with my Lcd display 16X1

luke luke

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i need a hand. please. i bought a 16X1 lcd display from EPSON (EA-D16015AR). I connect it to a picaxe 18X like this : picaxe pin 8 (out 2) to pin 4 lcd (RS) ,pin 9 (out 3) to lcd pin 6 (EN) , pin 10 (out 4) to lcd pin 11 (DB4) , pin 11 (out 5) to lcd pin 12 (DB5) , pin 12 (out 6) to lcd pin 13 (DB6) , pin 13 (out 7) to lcd pin 14 (DB7) and i connect the ground to pin 1,3 and 5 of lcd and the +5 V to pin 2. My problem is i cannot write to the last 8 display.Do not tell me is at 0X40, it does not work. I can write only in the first 8 case of the display. I make a loop 0 to 255 to find address and it still hide. Thank you
this is because the LCD treats the last 8 characters as a second line; use the command to move the cursor to the second line.



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jsimpson001 - thankyou so much for that! I have a 16 line display with no data sheet or markings and I couldn't get it working and up comes your post at just the right time! (Code 128 is the first line and 192 the second line. Hippy's website has the code.) Many thanks.