Possible interest ... battery-pack cell monitoring.


You know how it is.... you're looking for new hedge-trimmers and get distracted....

This may be of some use for some apps. e.g. battery-pack cell monitoring.
Obv you have to balance budget versus performance.
Obv there many ways but here's one for the record.
Anyway, read on...



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I noticed the INA149's wonderful CMR specs not long ago - As the battery packs grow bigger and more expensive the monitoring gets proportionally cheaper :)


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A whopping 98 db of CMR!

This requires that the internal resistor matching to be better than 0.01%
Amazing they can actually trim the internal resistors to such high accuracy!


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That and the +/- 300 volts when running it on a 20V supply - mostly I've not seen those high R input resistors incorporated in the OPa....