PortC - what is it?

I've read the manual Section 1, page 70 of "Getting Started", but I am still not quite sure exactly what "portC" means... can someone try to explain?

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portc is to use some of the pins on larger chips.
On the pinout they are marked c1, c2 etc.

ie. high portc 2


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Microprocessors often show their interface ancestry by having input/output ports and indeed bi directional or even tri-state ports associated with their input/output pins.

In this case the pins associated with Port C need to be addressed in a slightly different way to the normal pins - BUT it gives you access to a bigger range of I/O

Often such ports can also handle parallel and serial data as well as handshaking.

A, (or is it an), UART (universal asynchronous receiver transmitter) is an example of such an interface beast.


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The native PIC that the PICAXE firmware is loaded into can have a number of 'ports'. These ports are basically groups of I/O pins, usually with a maximum of 8 pins per port, depending on the model of the underlying chip. The individual pins can be addressed Eg "High PortC 1".

Possibly more important is that the group of pins associated with a port can be addressed as a byte: Eg's Let PinsC = %10101010, b1 = pins or b1 = PinsC
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