Please provide VSM SDK Manual


I am a licenced user of PICAXE VSM. My licence is valid till May 2018. I obtained VSM SDK header files from Labcenter today.

I need to create a few .dll models using VC++.

So, Please provide VSM SDK Manual PDF format which explains writing VC++ code in detail.


Technical Support
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PICAXE VSM uses labcenter proteus models (apart from the actual PICAXE chip models themselves, which are special Rev-Ed models). Therefore we do not provide any further information above what Labcenter already provides, you create models for PICAXE VSM in the same way as normal Proteus models are created.
I contacted labcenter and they are not willing to provide me VSM ADK PDF manual as I am a user of PICAXE VSM. I need to create some VSM .dll models and without the manual I can't do it. Labcenter provided me a VSM SDK help file (.chm file) and it doesn't contain any information related to PICAXE VSM and Proteus .dll VSM model creation. Also labcenter said that as I am a user of PICAXE I have to contact PICAXE regarding model creation. They are also not willing to update my forum status to be able to access the VSM model creation section.