Pin walker single motor toy robot


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This another 3D printed single motor toy robot. This is a pin walker. It has pins in the legs to drive it. It can walk forward or spin in place. It's based on the same mechanisms as this one:
The main difference is the wheeled version had several ratchets on each gear while this only has one ratchet on each gear. Everything has to timed right in assembly for the pins to stay in proper phase with each other. I won't go into a lot of detail here because the information is on Thingiverse, Printables, and the video.
It use the same picaxe 08M2 board that I've used in the previous 2 toy bots I've posted here. It uses the same program as the wheeled version. The Picaxe just receives the Sony codes and drives the motor forward or reverse. The bot can also be driven by 2 SPDT switches instead of a microcontroller.

I've included 2 files:

IR_motor_for_rev.bas is the main program for driving the bot

ir_test.bas receives the ir commands and sends them to the terminal in case your having trouble getting the ir remote set up


Github Wiki for Picaxe version:

EasyEda link for Picaxe version of board:

Thingiverse linkfor stl files and details:
Thingivese link

Printable link for stl and details:
Printables link


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