Picaxe Store login page broken?


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I see there is a new picaxe store website.
I have been trying to sign in for days to make an order but...
The login page will not recognise my password (It is stored in google)
And the "Forgot your password" won't send me a reset password email

I am confident I have the correct email address for my store account. It is the same email address as this forum.
I have tried contacting the Rev Ed through the "contact us" page but have had no response for a week.
Don't get me started on the reCapatcha! It keeps telling me I have the wrong answer

Any Help? pleeeeese


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Please note that in March 2024 we moved to new e-commerce software.
Previous customers will also now need to create a new PICAXE Store account.

As stated on the login page you will need to setup a completely new account - as you do not currently have an account setup on our new e-commerce software. It was not possible to transfer passwords across to the new store software when we upgraded last month as they are securely encoded.


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