Picaxe Editor Simulation Highlight Disappearing (Not Sequential)

Hello All!

I am having a simulation issue that just started happening. When I first installed the editor the progress yellow highlight stepped through each line of code letting me easily see where the program was in the simulation. Now the simulation highlight feature is only in a few spots as it runs and it is very difficult to see exactly what code line is next to be processed. I can see from the simulation variable monitor panel that the program is simulating properly so I know its just an issue with the highlight display feature. Please help I'm stuck in the mud!

Thank you
Brian K


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Two possibilities could be that it executing code lines contained within a macro or is executing code which is in other task if using an M2.
I am not sure what an M2 task is but I noticed that this weird activity happened after I placed the following code in to set the processor speed;

#freq M64

once I removed it the editor simulation started working properly again!! Thank you!


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I had same issue when simulation speed was too fast, slow it down just a wee bit and it works fine.


Technical Support
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You can always slow the simulation down with the slider (bottom right whilst simulating).