PIC AXE 28X1 Timer interrupt


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I've been struggling to get the timer interrupt working on the 28-x1 chip.

This is the code I have used:
settimer t1s_4
setintflags %10000000,%10000000 ‘ enable timer interrupt

main: pause 1000 ‘ wait 1 seconds
high 0 ‘ Turn LED on
pause 1000 ‘ Wait 1 second
low 0 ‘ Turn LED off
inc b1 ‘ Turn LED on
debug ‘ display variables in debug window
goto main ‘ loop

Interrupt: inc b2 ‘ increment b2 each time the timer overflows
setintflags %10000000,%10000000 ‘ re-activate interrupt
return ‘ return from sub

The main program loop works. The debug statement shows the b1 register incrementing each loop.
The timer variable increments each time the timer overfloes but a timer interrupt does not seem to be generated and the b2 register never gets incremented.

Am I doing something wrong? Any hints as to how to the the rimer interrupt working would be appricated.

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You have misunderstood the interrupt. It occurs when timer overflows from 65535 to 0, not every time timer 'ticks'.

Try preloading timer to a high value (e.g. timer = 65530) at the start of your program to see the effect.


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I had to go and read the SETTIMER description a few times to get to grips with this. I hadn't really understood it either, or more correctly had forgotten ! This thread may also cast some light on things - <A href='http://www.rev-ed.co.uk/picaxe/forum/Topic.asp?topic_id=6955&amp;forum_id=31&amp;Topic_Title=Timer%2Bmaths%2B28X1&amp;forum_title=PICAXE+Forum' Target=_Blank>External Web Link</a>

SETTIMER sets how long it takes between 'timer' variable increments, so &quot;SETTIMER T1S_4&quot; is right; 'timer' increments every second.

An interrupt doesn't occur though except on 'timer' variable overflow, so the code would only interrupt after 65536 timer increments, every 65536 seconds, ~18 hours.

To get an interrupt every second, you need to increment 'timer' once a second, but also ensure that the 'timer' overflows when that increment occurs. This can be done by setting the 'timer' variable with a high value so it more quickly overflows, with -<code><pre><font size=2 face='Courier'> SetTimer T1S_4
timer = $FFFF </font></pre></code> The 'timer' will also need to be reset in the interrupt routine using, as I understand it -<code><pre><font size=2 face='Courier'> toFlag = 0
timer = $FFFF </font></pre></code> You do not want to use SETTIMER in the interrupt because that would disrupt the hardware timer ( although your Debug in the code will do that as noted in the manual ).