PE5 let's me use slot 4 on 20X2, but PE6 doesn't.


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Hi All,

The project I started years ago has been resurrected, but PE has moved on in the meantime, and now I've got a problem.

PE5 let's me use slot 4 on an external EEPROM for booti2c, but PE6 says a 20X2 hasn't got a slot 4.

Mine has !

PE5 ...PE5_Slot4.PNG

PE6 ...PE5_Slot4_PE6_not.PNG

How can I use PE6 to do this ?.




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Hi hippy,

Thanks for that.

I was hoping that you might know of a simple tweak in one of PE's config files that might get me through.

The 20X2.XML file has the line <NumberOfInternalSlots>1</NumberOfInternalSlots> in it. Maybe changing it to 5 might work.
( I'll try it, if I can just convince my PC that I really am an administrator. )



EDIT : An hour or two later, and I can confirm that changing the '1' to a '5' does not fix the problem, but does show a few interesting things.

1- If the 20X2.XML file is totally missing, PE6 complains about the missing file, but still says 'only one slot' when syntax checking. This shows the 'syntax check' is not using the XML definition of the chip.

2 - The XML file has an entry confirming the lack of floating-point on the 20X2. Why would it need to confirm this, unless there is a PICAXE which does support FP ?. ( Maybe the X3's are nearly here ? )
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