Octobot Robot Reference Doc


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Not Picaxe, but it sure could be! https://www2.cose.isu.edu/~perealba/courses/OctoBot_Instructions_1.2.pdf

This PDF contains full assembly instructions and logic flowchart for a robot kit from 2004 which I think is a reference goldmine for anyone interested in robotics, especially hardware & circuitry and construction techniques. The "Octobot Survivor" is an autonomous self-recharging "behavioral" robot. Best of all, the PDF shows full hardware schematics for the robot, including an IR homing beacon and IR proximity sensors built from discrete parts. Using the 567 tone decoder to modulate the IR LED output is a clever trick. Schematics for the power supply and H-bridges are also included. Old school gold!

IMO it's worth saving the PDF for future reference. Code is given for a BASIC Stamp, which could easily be converted to Picaxe BASIC.

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